Our Company

Since its establishment in 2004 by Daniel Laine, DL SERVICES has grown as the evolution of the marine industry. Daniel created the company by always being in tune to Cruise Liners wishes.

Based in Nantes (France) and Miami (USA) we stand out in the Cruise Industry as galley expert designer. Providing high end services, our clients (Carnival & HA Group, Disney, Norwegian Cruise Lines Holding, Royal Caribbean Cruise and more) trusted us to work on a large variety of projects.

The company has progressed and diversified with many more services: selling spare parts, developing an inventory website for galley equipment, developing an application to log temperature as per USPHS requirements.

We have always tried to attain the utmost quality of service in technical design, source of proposals, new concept and at the same time fulfill UPSHS requirements, deadline, and budgets.

We will be at your disposal to create your vision into reality. Our strength is to improve and update our services by always be in tune to our customer’s expectations.


Catering Architecture

We offer newbuilding and modernization services for galley. Offering the best layout is our aim, we do with the best equipment on the marine market. Refit projects, putting together food flow concepts, lay-out designs with itemized budgeted equipment specifications, turnkey specifications, and installation supervision

Extensive experiences working with many different cruise lines, cargo, yachts, ferries and platform. We are proudly the only independent catering designer in the industry since we created this unique service.

Life Cycle System

This web access solution is a complete inventory of all galleys and laundries on board. By creating a library of all equipment, we provide detailed documentations (deck plans, layout, manuals, maintenance information, spare parts exploded views...) and video of the galley and laundry area. It also facilitates forecasting budgets for equipment replacements and many more benefits.


Marine Catering Solutions

We provide a free web access: https://www.marine-catering-solutions.com/

Dedicated to galley marine equipment certified USPH and not certified. This tool is a time saver for owners. By selecting the manufacturer or a specific product, you will get a straight list of items available in marine industry.

Equipment & Spare Parts

Our spare parts department are working from both entities and are dedicated to give the highest quality customer care. Opening our US branch, DL SERVICES USA, Inc in 2009, was a time saver for our clients for their spare parts needs. It created a stronger relationship with cruise liners. Having two locations, you have the option to receive contracted items either in Europe or in the US. The whole purchase process is simplified and faster.